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Laptop Service center in Swargate  

  • Specialist in Laptop Repair and known for competitive rates and prompt service! Call us at 8007 560 560 now. From the most authentic and reliable source in Pune.
  • Laptop Chip Level Repairing 
  • laptop screen replacement
  • laptop keyboard replacement
  • laptop adaptor repairing
  • laptop broken hinges repairing
  • Fault troubleshooting with the help of highly sophisticated machinery
  • Laptop speed boost methods
  • Cleaning – remove unwanted daemons, Clean OS registry, Clear Internet cache, Find and remove spyware/adware
  • Check RAM usage and hard drive space
  • Optimize file storage and directory structure
  • Check driver versions
  • Optimize startup process
  • Tighten screws
  • Check peripheral
  • Check internal/external cables
  • Check Drives Functions
  • Clean Fan
  • Check System Temperature
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